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Welcome to the Peter Hall School Foundation!

The Peter Hall School Foundation was created in December 2000 and it started its philanthropic activities in 2001.

The Foundation was established to augment the programs and activities of Peter Hall School as well as to help consolidate its financial structure.

For the financial plan, the Foundation offers its support for the educational, recreational, sports and cultural activities of the school.

The Foundation counts upon the support of numerous volunteers from the business sector, notably for its two annual fundraising activities, the Wine and Cheese evening in the spring and the Golf tournament in the fall as well as contributing to fundraising campaigns.

The Foundation also benefits from numerous staff volunteers, as well members of their families, that have supported our cause since its first activity in 2001.

The Foundation is administered by a board of trustees, composed of seven volunteer members, who assure that the objectives of the Foundation are achieved in its on-going development.

As of this date, the Peter Hall School Foundation has given over one million dollars to Peter Hall School and this has been possible thanks to the implication and generosity of our numerous supporters.

Thank you!

      The charitable registration number with the Canada Revenue Agency is
89261 0312 RR0001