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Freshening Up the Campuses

4 June 2018

After the interior walls of the Ouimet campus got a makeover in 2012, it was time for the gymnasiums at both campuses and the common areas at the Côte-Vertu campus to have a new look for September 2017.

The high school gymnasium, which is used for fun activities, sports and gatherings, and the common areas – mainly the corridors – were repainted with bright colours and original patterns to energize the environment and bring them up to date. “I have wanted these spaces to be repainted for a few years,” noted Maryvonne Robert, Principal of the Côte-Vertu campus.

Thus, the new colours that now adorn the high school walls were chosen in concert with Peter Hall School’s Executive Management from several options. The green and red in the corridors and the dark yellow and blue triangles in the gym make the environment livelier and more stimulating for the students.

Project for the Ouimet Mini-Gym
At the same time, the mini-gym at the Ouimet campus also got a fresh look while waiting for a more comprehensive transformation. With its faded paint in outdated colours, Pedagogical Director, Claudia Testa, felt it was high time to improve the look of the Ouimet campus’s psychomotor room. From an out-of-style orange, the physical activity space – which is not a standard gym where students can split up into teams – has now been transformed with blue and grey. “In the fall, several students noticed the changes and found them more beautiful and dynamic,” Ms. Testa said.

In addition, a larger shed has been added to the schoolyard, allowing more adequate storage for the equipment the students use for outdoor activities. A new course on the way however, the focus is now on completely transforming the contents of the mini-gym. The school wants to replace the equipment that furnishes the premises. “The equipment is rather outdated, and we would like to develop a real course through which children can move, a little like the playrooms at McDonald’s,” explained Ms. Testa. She reiterated that the specialized room’s purpose is to promote the students’ sensorimotor development.

The project, developed by various Peter Hall School teachers, has been approved by the Executive Management. However, implementing this course will require much more space than is currently allocated to the room. Therefore, it will require major renovations. “We are still hesitating about the ideal location for this project. The mini-gym is currently located in the basement. Relocating it to a floor with higher ceilings would be an improvement,” said the Pedagogical Director. The School hopes that the project will be ready to take shape in the summer of 2018.