A little history

Parents of intellectually disabled children initiate schooling for them in several locations on the Island of Montreal.

1950 to 1960
Associations for the mentally retarded are formed. With the financial support of parents and friends these children are able to attend school.

The Association for the mentally retarded is born. It purchases a building in Côte St-Luc.

The school is renamed Peter Hall in honour of the unconditional commitment to the cause by Lawrence (Laurie) Hall and this in memory of his son, Peter, who attended classes started by the Association.

The School:
■ becomes incorporated,
■ is recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education (MEQ),
■ is entirely subsidized,
■ is of public interest,
■ offers services in English and French.

Five (5) campuses. An intellectually disabled clientele with or without associated disabilities, from four (4) to twenty-one (21) years of age and older.

Four (4) campuses on the Island of Montréal. Several service points covering the Greater Metropolitan Montréal region. Development of an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

1990 to 2000
End of schooling of students over twenty-one (21) years of age. Progressive closure of certain campuses. Rationalization of our organization. Construction of a campus adapted to the needs of the students. Purchase and adaptation of a second campus. Intensification of research and development.

2000 to present
Development and application of a new education program designed to meet the specific needs of the students and taking into consideration the educational reform. Opening of a third campus in Ville Saint-Laurent to school secondary level students and for the administrative offices.