Côte-Vertu Campus

Welcome to Côte-Vertu Campus,

Our new secondary level campus located in the Saint-Laurent borough of Montreal was created in September 2004 and it offers services to students from twelve to twenty-one years of age,

The Côte-Vertu campus welcomes French and English speaking students from the entire Island of Montreal as well as the off-island suburbs.

We presently have ten French classes and nineteen English classes for a total of two hundred and forty eight students.

Our overall goal is to educate and assist our students to become independent adults in order to be well prepared to enter future pre-vocational and vocational services, after the age of 21.

Our students have various academic classroom activities adapted for their functional level. They also have weekly periods in the gym, the fitness center, the computer lab, the game room, the movie theatre, the manual assembly workshops, the kitchen doing functional cooking and the arts and crafts room. We also have extracurricular activities such as dance classes, yoga classes, therapeutic horseback riding, a student camera club as well as team sports, such as our ball hockey team. All activities are discussed with the elected student council.

Many of our students also have periods where they have work responsibilities within our complex such as, gardening, garbage pickup, recycling pickup, internal mail delivery, photocopying and various cleaning duties, with the janitor.

Our school team consists of special education teachers, resource teachers, as well as complementary professional services such as, psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy. We also have technicians in special education, attendants to handicapped students, a nurse, an auxiliary nurse, a school secretary and an office clerk.

As well as having a very positive and highly motivated team, we also have weekly volunteers and fieldwork students from C.E.G.E.P. and University educational programs and a very active Parent Group that raises funds for school recreational and educational activities. Our Parent Group also support numerous holiday activities throughout the school year.

At Côte-Vertu campus, we work as a team with the family and community resources to provide a positive and enriching learning environment, for the benefit of all our students.

Maryvonne Robert
School principal